Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Still alive and kicking!

Hello my faithful readers. Sorry it has been so horribly long since I posted. I've been busy.

My students had a group recital (which they did most excellent in!), which took up quite a bit of time to prepare for in May.

Then I've been working on getting my Monday Night OD&D Game off the ground, these are recorded on-air using google hangouts and go onto youtube. You can watch them here

The full playlist is at: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI7tya1ntEAn_S4egpjp_RHYN9pL7sECa

I've also ended up preparing for my other game's Mutant Future campaign, and reading up on it.

In the works, through Wild Games Productions I may be hosting (with a round-robin of cohosts) a non-D&D OSR podcast.

Final Fantasy XIV's Beta has been up, and as a linkshell (and now free company) leader, I've been working on getting us off the ground again.

And now I've also been setting up a Creative Minecraft server.

So, I've been keeping myself pretty busy, but I'm still here. I've made myself hard copies of Greyharp's OD&D Compiled .pdfs for my game, and just diving deeper into OD&D all the time.

I hope you have all been well and I promise to make another update soon!