Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Basic Fantasy Wilderlands Campaign. Session 5

Last weekend we continued our Basic Fantasy RPG campaign with a new player once again :) It started slow trying to introduce him to the party (something I need to work on), but became a memorable session! Once they finally got started they decided to head into the woods once again to try and find the hermit. It took an hour or so of travel, but they made it to a large hollow tree eventually. They scoped out the trunk before finding an opening behind a bush. Erdrick walked up and hollered inside to see if anyone was there. They head the sound of footsteps before a disheveled old man appeared greeting them. The man was quite surprised to have visitors and welcomed their slew of questions for a time. After they continued to ask to enter his home he had enough and snapped. 

The party was surprised as the hermits mountain lion leaped down upon them and started his strike. The hermit snickered and attacked as well. The party was quick to react, but it was like watching the three stooges. The party was getting ripped to shreds by the mountain lion, Erdrick had both of his arms crushed, Braignir had one arm crushed, and Plimble Mae received a permanent scar on her face from the claws. Dongan was quick to attend to the injured with medical aid while the rest of the party tried to fend off the Hermit and his pet. Eventually, the party was able to fell the mountain lion as they teamed up on it and the hermit ran off into his home. The party, looking awful at this point, decided they should head back to recover. Errdrick and Braignir had a difficult time carrying themselves, so they had to be helped. Eldor was dead set on dragging the Mountain Lion corpse back with them, and as he did, he suddenly felt the cold steel dagger of the Hermit slide into his back. He whipped around to see the Hermit phasing back into his presence. The people helping the wounded along dropped them and were quick to defend Eldor. The hermit was felled while in a fit of maniacal laughter. The party took a moment to recollect themselves and headed off to town again. The Corporal, Oliver, was surprised to seem them in such a shape. He rewarded them with 50 GP each for taking care of this nuisance. 

The group went to the Temple of Thor to see if they could receive any healing, only to be made aware that none of the local clerics are powerful enough to mend their broken limbs. They made the offer to send a message to the City State of the Invincible Overlord if they donated enough money, but the party couldn't afford it. They may decide to make the trip themselves later. Erdrick was in a sad state, so Eldor took him out of the keep and took him out of his misery, knowing he'd never be able to hold a weapon, or perform any manual labor again. Braignir decided he could continue with one arm though.

The group will not soon forget the mortal wounds that befell them. After our 2 character deaths in session 2, I quit using death at 0 HP, and we started using the Mortal Wounds table from Adventurer Conqueror King system. So far the party had been pretty lucky with their rolls on it, but this session they couldn't roll anything to save their lives. I have to say this table made for a very memorable session at least. They players were quick to learn, even though half their party hit level 2 and we made it harder to die, they're still not out of dodge yet. The world is a brutal place, and they will continue to tread carefully!

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Star Wars REUP Oneshot

So last weekend, one of my regular players (Norrible if you've listened) ran a one-shot using D6 Star Wars REUP (Revised, Expanded, and Updated) to see if we'd like to do a campaign of it. What can I say but that we had a blast!

We used templates from and got started pretty quickly. We started in a rebel town meeting with an admiral. Imperials had been attacking some of the nearby structures and we were given all the different situations. Norrible did a great job giving us a choice in what to do here! We decided to get the communications tower back up so we could contact the other areas and find out if they also needed us. We grabbed a speeder with just enough energy to get us there where we found an imperial landing ship. We sneaked on and my character hacked the computer system so they couldn't leave. We then crawled towards the command tower and searched around for different entrances. One entrance we found we heard crazy scratching from some creature so we backed off. We went to the main door, prepared our positions, and had one of our guys pop the door open. Immediately a blaster fight went down. Peaking around my tree I took some shots and managed to take out one of the storm troopers. The other guys in the party got in closer and finished off the other 3. We crept in, checked out the computer terminal, and I stole one of the storm troopers blasters as it was more powerful than mine. I also managed to take a comm link which proved to be useful later.

After resting up we burst through the next door prepared to face some more opposition. Immediately we found ourselves against 4 more storm troopers and an imperial officer. We dispatched 2 of them quickly with a thermal detonator and some well placed blaster shot. We quickly moved in and took out the other 2 storm troopers. One member got blasted and was seriously wounded. I dropped back to help him up while Api pushed in on the Imperial Officer. They traded blows, both skillfully dodges blaster shots before Api finally bested him. I pulled in Mega to a safer corner while we waited for him to rest up. Api and I stood guard and scouted about before we heard the sound of marching storm troopers. We quickly prepared ourselves only for nothing to happen. Finally once Mega was back on his feet, we prepared at the next door. We threw it open and opened fire on 2 storm troopers and an imperial officer. We quickly killed one storm trooper, while another ran away. Mega crept around to find another door while I charged it and took out the other trooper and the officer. Api followed in behind me just as two riot troopers stormed through. Api and I quickly dispatched the two of them and looted their riot shields and pulse hammers. We quickly looted the other guys and tried to get the comm tower back online. As we did we contacted the admiral and let him know we found no rebels left here. On the officer we found a map that had the area we saw their landing craft marked, plus markings near the other places we were brief. Also written on the map was "4:00 Star Killer." We had an eerie feeling about 'Star Killer' and decided to get out of there. We started hearing the command for evacuation over the comm link as well. Mega and I argued about evacuating or trying to find the other rebels, but I won out forcing us to flee. We found the Imperial landing craft, I undid my own hack and we jet out of there. We found a few planets in the system and went to one, realizing there was no civilization before going to another. Once we landed there, we saw the Star Killer blast destroy the planet we were one, before realizing the blast was also going to destroy the planet we were on and we all died.

We had a hell of a time. The system was great. The only issue I had was, and it was because none of us had ever played, we had a bit too much combat for the time we had. I think we're going to not do the wound system for simple storm troopers because that bogged it down, and they're essentially cannon fodder in the movies. I think we can work more to make it feel more cinematic with the combat system too once we have our own made characters and we're all a little more sure of what we're doing. I look forward to taking multiple actions instead of just thinking I'm going to fire my blaster again. We had a great time! Looking forward to playing again.

You can watch Part 1 here, NSFW:
Part 2:

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Basic Fantasy Wilderlands Campaign. Session 4

So last week we managed to have our 4th Basic Fantasy RPG session. The was met by a forest Elf named Erdrick. He overheard the party talking about their recent exploits and had to suffer through the stench of the guys who had been pooped on by the Harpy. After a night of drinking away their pain, they decided they would head into the woods and try to find the hermit. In the morning Plimble Mae found Braignir hung-over and put a bunch of ribbons in his hair. They left the keep without him, assuming he would catch up later. Once Braignir felt sober enough to leave the tavern, he decided he'd follow after the group, where while he was leaving he kept hearing people whisper about the "Rainbow Warrior."

On the way to where they believed the hermit lived they ran across an overgrown farm. They were surprised to see how overgrown it was and decided to explore the buildings they could see through it. First the explored the home. They started searching some of the small empty bedrooms as they heard some scuttling noises. They drew their weapons waiting to see what would happen before a giant worm with 6 tentacles coming out his face attacked. Dongan was leading the group and took the brunt of the attack from the Tentacled Worm, but was lucky that his dwarven stoutness kept him from being paralyzed. With that the party managed to slay it easily and tried to collect some of its ooze. After the worm died, they continued to search the home, finding some nice jewelry and money. Once the left through the front door they noticed another window in a building to the north. As they went to check it out a few firebeetles flew down from the trees above to attack. Reacting quickly, only Braignir suffered much in the way of damage, but they managed to slay the firebeetles, carve out their shells and continue on to the other building. They found this building to be a barn. Once opening the double doors they were overcome with the stench of feces and death. They saw a bunch of stirges flying in and out of the far door who once noticed them decided to swoop in and attack. A stirge latched onto Dongan's face and Braignir's neck. Luckily each of them were able to fight off the stirge on them while the rest of the party slew the rest. Careful not to cover themselves anymore they check out the barn, and thought it was safe to carry on their way. They continued on the path to the Hermit's when they were met with a single Troglodyte. The archers took aim while the rest of the group rushed into Melee. The Troglodyte was able to bring down Dongan while the rest of the party took him out. Kessler used a lay on hands to bring Dongan back up, but he wasn't feeling great. He could tell he still needed a night of rest to feel up to adventuring. The group helped him up and helped drag him back to the keep for the night, and to spend some time planning their next course of action.

It seems like my players are really starting to understand the mechanics better now. We get some more roleplay in, more combats in, and far less technical questions getting asked. Things are really starting to progress. 3 Characters, Dongan, Plimble, and Eldor leveled up at the end of the session, so I'm sure they're excited to try and see how Level 2 goes for them. Looking forward to next Saturday when we get to play again :)

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

DCC Campaign. Session 1

We finally had our first DCC Session!

I had the players roll up 4 characters each using Purple Sorcerer here:

They used the default, 3d6 in order, roll for occupation & equipment and health.

The session started slow, and I made the foolish mistake in the beginning of essentially reading the boxed text. I quit eventually, and don't know why I even tried as I rarely do in any other game, I just thought it was well written here. We started DCC #67 "Sailors on the Starless Sea". None of us had ever played DCC (including me) so I wanted to start us off with the classic funnel.

The players very careful crossed the planks where the old drawbridge had fallen down. They threw their grappling hook and tied it around their waste one by one as they crossed. Once they all crossed, the very carefully check the Portcullis and crouched under. Sadly for officer Ed, the beast men dropped the Portcullis ontop of him. The characters then decided to go throughout the field where they found the well. After looking in, a few players nearly passed out and falled in, but they were lucky to be saved from falling. Afterwards they decided to pull up the chain, revealing a black ichor on the chain. They dropped it back down and Elizabeth decided to climb down. As she went down her skin began to melt from her feat, and spirits began to haunt her until she fell. They decided to check the temple instead. They looked in, saw the dead bodies, one guy entered and checked out the dais, where the smell of death and black ichor crawled towards him. They all ran out and rebarred the door. One guy decided to go check the well again alone, and he fell to his doom. Next the characters went to check out the tower. Once in the found all the dirt and some captured villagers. They freed one and tried to find out what happened to him, but as they did the beastmen burst from the top and charged down. Battle ensued for quite a long time, before 7 (I believe) more PCs died, and the beastmen fell. The PCs then decided to rest up after the fight before we called it for the night.

All in all, we had a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to playing again next week!

^Warning: Not Safe For Work^

My Basic Fantasy session from last Saturday should be up in the next few days too :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Swords & Wizardry: Whitebox Pickup Game

My friends and I were bored around Christmas time, so I took 30-minutes to prepare The Wererat's Well from the S&W: Omnibus by Barrel Rider Games:

The adventure went pretty well, we made it about halfway through before we had to go. My only issue is there are quite a few typos in the adventure (I haven't noticed them in the rules parts of the Omnibus) and it was quick and easy to throw together.

I had the players use the DCC character generator from Purple Sorcerer, they made 2 each, and we just made Luck = Wisdom. They rolled HP and starting gold, bought weapons and armor, then as they needed equipment in the adventure I had them roll for a wisdom or intelligence check to see if they remembered to bring it. If they did they marked off the price from the book and added the equipment to their sheet. It worked pretty well for a thrown together one-shot!

I started the players in the town where they heard something was plaguing the village. They believed it was coming from the water supply. The players descended down the well to explore. It took them quite awhile to find anything but some fire beetles and Giant Rats. They made good use of a charm person on the first wererat they met and befriended him to try and get to their leader. We haven't finished yet, but hopefully will soon. Sorry for the small synopsis, this was a few weeks back and I haven't listened back to jog my memory.

^Warning: Not Safe For Work^