Saturday, January 16, 2016

Basic Fantasy Wilderlands Campaign. Session 4

So last week we managed to have our 4th Basic Fantasy RPG session. The was met by a forest Elf named Erdrick. He overheard the party talking about their recent exploits and had to suffer through the stench of the guys who had been pooped on by the Harpy. After a night of drinking away their pain, they decided they would head into the woods and try to find the hermit. In the morning Plimble Mae found Braignir hung-over and put a bunch of ribbons in his hair. They left the keep without him, assuming he would catch up later. Once Braignir felt sober enough to leave the tavern, he decided he'd follow after the group, where while he was leaving he kept hearing people whisper about the "Rainbow Warrior."

On the way to where they believed the hermit lived they ran across an overgrown farm. They were surprised to see how overgrown it was and decided to explore the buildings they could see through it. First the explored the home. They started searching some of the small empty bedrooms as they heard some scuttling noises. They drew their weapons waiting to see what would happen before a giant worm with 6 tentacles coming out his face attacked. Dongan was leading the group and took the brunt of the attack from the Tentacled Worm, but was lucky that his dwarven stoutness kept him from being paralyzed. With that the party managed to slay it easily and tried to collect some of its ooze. After the worm died, they continued to search the home, finding some nice jewelry and money. Once the left through the front door they noticed another window in a building to the north. As they went to check it out a few firebeetles flew down from the trees above to attack. Reacting quickly, only Braignir suffered much in the way of damage, but they managed to slay the firebeetles, carve out their shells and continue on to the other building. They found this building to be a barn. Once opening the double doors they were overcome with the stench of feces and death. They saw a bunch of stirges flying in and out of the far door who once noticed them decided to swoop in and attack. A stirge latched onto Dongan's face and Braignir's neck. Luckily each of them were able to fight off the stirge on them while the rest of the party slew the rest. Careful not to cover themselves anymore they check out the barn, and thought it was safe to carry on their way. They continued on the path to the Hermit's when they were met with a single Troglodyte. The archers took aim while the rest of the group rushed into Melee. The Troglodyte was able to bring down Dongan while the rest of the party took him out. Kessler used a lay on hands to bring Dongan back up, but he wasn't feeling great. He could tell he still needed a night of rest to feel up to adventuring. The group helped him up and helped drag him back to the keep for the night, and to spend some time planning their next course of action.

It seems like my players are really starting to understand the mechanics better now. We get some more roleplay in, more combats in, and far less technical questions getting asked. Things are really starting to progress. 3 Characters, Dongan, Plimble, and Eldor leveled up at the end of the session, so I'm sure they're excited to try and see how Level 2 goes for them. Looking forward to next Saturday when we get to play again :)

Remember this may be NSFW

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