Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Swords & Wizardry: Whitebox Pickup Game

My friends and I were bored around Christmas time, so I took 30-minutes to prepare The Wererat's Well from the S&W: Omnibus by Barrel Rider Games: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/146506/White-Box-Omnibus-Swords--Wizardry?term=omnibus+

The adventure went pretty well, we made it about halfway through before we had to go. My only issue is there are quite a few typos in the adventure (I haven't noticed them in the rules parts of the Omnibus) and it was quick and easy to throw together.

I had the players use the DCC character generator from Purple Sorcerer, they made 2 each, and we just made Luck = Wisdom. They rolled HP and starting gold, bought weapons and armor, then as they needed equipment in the adventure I had them roll for a wisdom or intelligence check to see if they remembered to bring it. If they did they marked off the price from the book and added the equipment to their sheet. It worked pretty well for a thrown together one-shot!

I started the players in the town where they heard something was plaguing the village. They believed it was coming from the water supply. The players descended down the well to explore. It took them quite awhile to find anything but some fire beetles and Giant Rats. They made good use of a charm person on the first wererat they met and befriended him to try and get to their leader. We haven't finished yet, but hopefully will soon. Sorry for the small synopsis, this was a few weeks back and I haven't listened back to jog my memory.

^Warning: Not Safe For Work^

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