Monday, December 14, 2015

Basic Fantasy Wilderlands Campaign. Session 3

Once again, I've already posted this over at Sadly it took us far too long to get in our 3rd session. I had 3 Saturdays in a row that I had to cancel due to work, and then the next week everyone was out of it. Finally we got back and had our longest session, and we had a blast doing it! Rendering the video took a little while as Premier Pro was giving me problems. Enjoy though!

Finally had session 3 after I had to postpone for a few weeks.

The party started the session by meeting their 2 new members. A Dwarven Cleric, and a Human Paladin (we added it to BFRPG). After some great roleplay the party heard from the Corporal Oliver about some bandits to the east of the keep who recently attacked some merchants on their way there. The party was hired to take care of them, but ran into a random encounter of 3 flame beetles halfway there. The archers managed to take out one flame beetles before the others closed in. One of the flame beetles took out their Elf Fighter Braignir. After dispatching the rest of the beetles they tended to the elf who was badly hurt. He had dreams of their 2 dead friends then awoke to the care of the halfling thief who kept putting bows in his hair as he rested. He had to have a week of bed rest. The halfling thief Plimble Mae took care of him, while another elf fighter Eldor patrolled with some keep guards, and the Cleric Dongan and Paladin Markas visited the temple, questioned about the travelling priest, and met him at his home. Once they were all rested up, the party went out to see if the bandits were still out. They couldn't find them where they first met, but on their way back found a ruined tower near the woods. On the way to it they heard a Harpy song, and the 2 elves became entranced. The 2 party members tried to stop them, but once they got close enough they were attacked by 3 giant toads. The 2 non-charmed characters immediately took action on the toads until the harpy stopped singing to attack. She shot a few arrows at the party before finally flying up, pooping on some of the party and swooping down with her talons. The 2 elves snapped out and took to shooting down the harpy. Eventually the harpy nearly took down Braignir, the elven fighter who went down earlier. Dongan rushed to heal him and helped fight off the harpy before she swooped in and took out Dongan. The rest of the party finished dispatching the giant toads and the harpy before Markas was able to lay on hands. Dongan awoke, being badly scarred on his neck as Braignir dismembered the harpy. They managed to limp back to down and convince the corporal to pay them for ridding them of this evil creature before she was able to harm anyone else. Dongan and Eldor cleaned themselves off of Harpy guano, and they decided to spend the next 2 days resting up before setting out to adventure again.

Video will be up tomorrow if I only have to work in the morning. I'm not sure on my schedule yet. We had a blast though!

Here is the image of the chat where Pimble Mae was torturing Braignir while he was resting back

Remember, this may be NSFW:

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