Sunday, November 8, 2015

Basic Fantasy Wilderlands Campaign. Session 2

So I already posted my update over on (which if you haven't heard the news, I am the new owner of. I may post a blog about that later). This is the post from there.

Ok we just had our second session. All the players from the first returned. The party had their celebration after their heroic victory from last time and learned many rumors while celebrating at the Tavern. They heard about the Caves near the Keep, they learned about the Lizardmen in the marshes, the Hermit in the woods, and they learned about the Wights in the crypts (these are mixed from B2 and JN1, and some were learned later as well). While there the Mayor gave them the notice posted by the keep, "Treasure recovery and monster exterminators needed. All goods recovered by lawful means from monsters become the property of the carrier. Come on, come all, stalwart of heart and arm. Come to the keep." They slept that night and decided to meet at the south gate in the morning.

Once the sun rose, they had their broke their fast and decided to head south towards the keep. They managed to walk most of the way to the keep before someone from Oakheart came running out of the woods screaming with a wild boar chasing after him. The players quickly dispatched with the boar and saved the man. After talking with him, they learned some of his sheep had run away during the goblin raid the day before. Braignir gave him some water and some Gold to make up for his lost sheep. They stayed and protected him as he rested, but eventually the parted ways and continued to the keep.

Once the group arrived at the keep they were interrogated by the Corporal. Once they stated their reasons for being there he welcomed them in and showed them around. Here they learned a few of the rumors described above. The two clerics went to the local temple and met the Curate and his Acolytes. The rest of the group got some food and drink before they headed out of the crypt.

In Oakheart they heard of some men dying to some beast in the Crypt. The group decided they should check that out first. After a small bit of travelling, they arrived with no incidence. They came across a ruined Crypt with a rusted gate. The Elf Braignir noticed there was an inscription and decided to clean out the dirt and read it, "EVIL WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL. DESTRUCTION TO ALL THAT IS GOOD." He then proceeded to cover it back up with dirt. After listening at the door and checking it for traps, Rodin Flamebeard lit up his lantern and entered. They noticed 7 sarcophagi with one having the slab on top split in half. All of the rest seemed undisturbed, but one that had clearly been messed with as there were patches of dirt and dust that was missing. First they decided to inspect the split sarcophagus, where they just found a rotted corpse. Rodin ripped his arm off and put it in his backpack. Next they turned their attention to the disturbed sarcophagus in the back wall. Rodin took his warhammer and with two swings broke open the lid. In it rose an angry Wight who shrieked at the party and attacked. Eldor, Rodin, and Octavian wielded their Longsword, Mace, and Warhammer and attacked, dealing a small bit of damage to the Wight. The Wight, upset at its disturbance attacked the Dwarf who broke open his sarcophagus and drained the life energy out of him. Suddenly the obese Rodin looked like a malnourished pale dwarf and fell to the floor. Everyone but Octavian decided to run after that. Octavian tried to stand his ground and slay the Wight. He chanted a prayer to Thor and completely missed with his swing. The Wight then lightly touched his shoulder like Spock and drained out his energy similar to what happened to Rodin.

The rest of the party returned to the keep to drink away their sorrows. They ordered much food as they knew Rodin would have enjoyed, and they drank in remembrance of their comrades.

Even the two players who had their characters die had a blast. I have it recorded and will upload it in due time. Just need to splice off the beginning and end :) Hopefully it will be up soon!

Once again, just a reminder this is NSFW

Tonight we'll finally start our Mongoose Traveller Character Creation. Since that is a mini-game unto itself, I will be recording it and posting it once it is ready too.

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