Friday, January 22, 2016

Star Wars REUP Oneshot

So last weekend, one of my regular players (Norrible if you've listened) ran a one-shot using D6 Star Wars REUP (Revised, Expanded, and Updated) to see if we'd like to do a campaign of it. What can I say but that we had a blast!

We used templates from and got started pretty quickly. We started in a rebel town meeting with an admiral. Imperials had been attacking some of the nearby structures and we were given all the different situations. Norrible did a great job giving us a choice in what to do here! We decided to get the communications tower back up so we could contact the other areas and find out if they also needed us. We grabbed a speeder with just enough energy to get us there where we found an imperial landing ship. We sneaked on and my character hacked the computer system so they couldn't leave. We then crawled towards the command tower and searched around for different entrances. One entrance we found we heard crazy scratching from some creature so we backed off. We went to the main door, prepared our positions, and had one of our guys pop the door open. Immediately a blaster fight went down. Peaking around my tree I took some shots and managed to take out one of the storm troopers. The other guys in the party got in closer and finished off the other 3. We crept in, checked out the computer terminal, and I stole one of the storm troopers blasters as it was more powerful than mine. I also managed to take a comm link which proved to be useful later.

After resting up we burst through the next door prepared to face some more opposition. Immediately we found ourselves against 4 more storm troopers and an imperial officer. We dispatched 2 of them quickly with a thermal detonator and some well placed blaster shot. We quickly moved in and took out the other 2 storm troopers. One member got blasted and was seriously wounded. I dropped back to help him up while Api pushed in on the Imperial Officer. They traded blows, both skillfully dodges blaster shots before Api finally bested him. I pulled in Mega to a safer corner while we waited for him to rest up. Api and I stood guard and scouted about before we heard the sound of marching storm troopers. We quickly prepared ourselves only for nothing to happen. Finally once Mega was back on his feet, we prepared at the next door. We threw it open and opened fire on 2 storm troopers and an imperial officer. We quickly killed one storm trooper, while another ran away. Mega crept around to find another door while I charged it and took out the other trooper and the officer. Api followed in behind me just as two riot troopers stormed through. Api and I quickly dispatched the two of them and looted their riot shields and pulse hammers. We quickly looted the other guys and tried to get the comm tower back online. As we did we contacted the admiral and let him know we found no rebels left here. On the officer we found a map that had the area we saw their landing craft marked, plus markings near the other places we were brief. Also written on the map was "4:00 Star Killer." We had an eerie feeling about 'Star Killer' and decided to get out of there. We started hearing the command for evacuation over the comm link as well. Mega and I argued about evacuating or trying to find the other rebels, but I won out forcing us to flee. We found the Imperial landing craft, I undid my own hack and we jet out of there. We found a few planets in the system and went to one, realizing there was no civilization before going to another. Once we landed there, we saw the Star Killer blast destroy the planet we were one, before realizing the blast was also going to destroy the planet we were on and we all died.

We had a hell of a time. The system was great. The only issue I had was, and it was because none of us had ever played, we had a bit too much combat for the time we had. I think we're going to not do the wound system for simple storm troopers because that bogged it down, and they're essentially cannon fodder in the movies. I think we can work more to make it feel more cinematic with the combat system too once we have our own made characters and we're all a little more sure of what we're doing. I look forward to taking multiple actions instead of just thinking I'm going to fire my blaster again. We had a great time! Looking forward to playing again.

You can watch Part 1 here, NSFW:
Part 2:

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