Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Basic Fantasy Wilderlands Campaign. Session 5

Last weekend we continued our Basic Fantasy RPG campaign with a new player once again :) It started slow trying to introduce him to the party (something I need to work on), but became a memorable session! Once they finally got started they decided to head into the woods once again to try and find the hermit. It took an hour or so of travel, but they made it to a large hollow tree eventually. They scoped out the trunk before finding an opening behind a bush. Erdrick walked up and hollered inside to see if anyone was there. They head the sound of footsteps before a disheveled old man appeared greeting them. The man was quite surprised to have visitors and welcomed their slew of questions for a time. After they continued to ask to enter his home he had enough and snapped. 

The party was surprised as the hermits mountain lion leaped down upon them and started his strike. The hermit snickered and attacked as well. The party was quick to react, but it was like watching the three stooges. The party was getting ripped to shreds by the mountain lion, Erdrick had both of his arms crushed, Braignir had one arm crushed, and Plimble Mae received a permanent scar on her face from the claws. Dongan was quick to attend to the injured with medical aid while the rest of the party tried to fend off the Hermit and his pet. Eventually, the party was able to fell the mountain lion as they teamed up on it and the hermit ran off into his home. The party, looking awful at this point, decided they should head back to recover. Errdrick and Braignir had a difficult time carrying themselves, so they had to be helped. Eldor was dead set on dragging the Mountain Lion corpse back with them, and as he did, he suddenly felt the cold steel dagger of the Hermit slide into his back. He whipped around to see the Hermit phasing back into his presence. The people helping the wounded along dropped them and were quick to defend Eldor. The hermit was felled while in a fit of maniacal laughter. The party took a moment to recollect themselves and headed off to town again. The Corporal, Oliver, was surprised to seem them in such a shape. He rewarded them with 50 GP each for taking care of this nuisance. 

The group went to the Temple of Thor to see if they could receive any healing, only to be made aware that none of the local clerics are powerful enough to mend their broken limbs. They made the offer to send a message to the City State of the Invincible Overlord if they donated enough money, but the party couldn't afford it. They may decide to make the trip themselves later. Erdrick was in a sad state, so Eldor took him out of the keep and took him out of his misery, knowing he'd never be able to hold a weapon, or perform any manual labor again. Braignir decided he could continue with one arm though.

The group will not soon forget the mortal wounds that befell them. After our 2 character deaths in session 2, I quit using death at 0 HP, and we started using the Mortal Wounds table from Adventurer Conqueror King system. So far the party had been pretty lucky with their rolls on it, but this session they couldn't roll anything to save their lives. I have to say this table made for a very memorable session at least. They players were quick to learn, even though half their party hit level 2 and we made it harder to die, they're still not out of dodge yet. The world is a brutal place, and they will continue to tread carefully!

Remember this may be NSFW

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