Wednesday, January 13, 2016

DCC Campaign. Session 1

We finally had our first DCC Session!

I had the players roll up 4 characters each using Purple Sorcerer here:

They used the default, 3d6 in order, roll for occupation & equipment and health.

The session started slow, and I made the foolish mistake in the beginning of essentially reading the boxed text. I quit eventually, and don't know why I even tried as I rarely do in any other game, I just thought it was well written here. We started DCC #67 "Sailors on the Starless Sea". None of us had ever played DCC (including me) so I wanted to start us off with the classic funnel.

The players very careful crossed the planks where the old drawbridge had fallen down. They threw their grappling hook and tied it around their waste one by one as they crossed. Once they all crossed, the very carefully check the Portcullis and crouched under. Sadly for officer Ed, the beast men dropped the Portcullis ontop of him. The characters then decided to go throughout the field where they found the well. After looking in, a few players nearly passed out and falled in, but they were lucky to be saved from falling. Afterwards they decided to pull up the chain, revealing a black ichor on the chain. They dropped it back down and Elizabeth decided to climb down. As she went down her skin began to melt from her feat, and spirits began to haunt her until she fell. They decided to check the temple instead. They looked in, saw the dead bodies, one guy entered and checked out the dais, where the smell of death and black ichor crawled towards him. They all ran out and rebarred the door. One guy decided to go check the well again alone, and he fell to his doom. Next the characters went to check out the tower. Once in the found all the dirt and some captured villagers. They freed one and tried to find out what happened to him, but as they did the beastmen burst from the top and charged down. Battle ensued for quite a long time, before 7 (I believe) more PCs died, and the beastmen fell. The PCs then decided to rest up after the fight before we called it for the night.

All in all, we had a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to playing again next week!

^Warning: Not Safe For Work^

My Basic Fantasy session from last Saturday should be up in the next few days too :)

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