Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Basic Fantasy Wilderlands Campaign, Session 8

This session, I became a killer DM. Sadly the next session didn't stop that. It was a mix of I wasn't expecting things to be quite so brutal, and bad luck/planning on the players.

So this session started with the group deciding to head towards the raiders on the other side of the river. On their way there, they heard the sound of joyful cheering, as they suddenly saw a faerie riding ontop of a giant bee crashed into the party. Immediately this faerie creature just disappears. The players are confronted with a mass of pissed off giant bees. The party acts quickly to take down the giant bees, but not before one of the stingers pierces through Braignirs chest, and he dies due to the poison.

The party, upset, decides to try and coat their weapons with the toxins (apitoxin) from the dead bees, and drags Braignir back to the keep for a funeral. Plimble Mae is completely distraught, as is Braignir's wife Sam, who vows for vengeance against the faerie creature that caused this tragedy to happen. Dongan decided he would ask the travelling priest if he knew anything about faeries, and was quickly able to learn that this must have been a Pixie.

Sam convinces the group to head back to where they found the Pixie as she is out for blood. They cross back over to where the fight happens and starts screaming for information. It isn't long before the Pixie starts throwing items from hidden locations in the trees. The characters jokingly get hit by platinum pieces, acorns, and pinecones as it laughs in glee, but soon Eldor speaks up in frustration and the Pixie gives him a quick stab to the gut before disappearing again. He then threatens to burn down the forest, and they suddenly hear the massive crack as a tree comes falling down in their direction. The whole group tries to dive out of the way, and most are successful, but none are beaten up too bad as the tree falls. Feeling defeated by the situation, the party decides to move onto something different.

The group remembers hearing about an old ruined castle nearby to the keep that has been overriden with Orcs, so they decided to check it out. Once inside, they find a group of orcs training and eating, and it isn't long before a fight breaks out. Sam is quick and casts here sleep spell and knocks out most of the group on the left, but it isn't long until the Orc left awake shoots an arrow straight through her spine. The rest of the group manages to trade some quick shots back with the other Orcs as Plimble slits the throats of those asleep. They manage to take out the group, but once they attend to Sam they're once again distraught. Sam has become completely paralyzed as the shot went through her Spine, and they must drag her back to the keep. Plimble decides that she will be Sams caretaker since she has bonded with her the most since her arrival just a few short weeks earlier. The group heads back to rest up and to deal with their tragic loss of Braignir, and of their new friend Sam, who, is still living, but horribly paralyzed.

So the killer DM part, is that the same player controlled Braignir and Sam. We had a massive backstory going on. I tried to fudge rolls in their favor, but I didn't pull many punches either. It was just one of those unlucky days.

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