Friday, March 25, 2016

Basic Fantasy Wilderlands Campaign Session 7

Oh my, I've been behind on posting these. Currently this is 1 of 3 sessions to go up, plus I have a 5e session that needs to be uploaded as well.

I'll try to keep this synopsis short because of it. Essentially this week the party decided the cave they went to previously was too powerful, and they were a little unsure of going back, so they thought they'd take on the lizardmen. Well on their way out to the swamps, they encountered a snake in the swamp. Afterwards they ran into a shadow, but avoided the fight and finally crossed the river. Once there they didn't feel comfortable reentering the swamps so continued between the swamps and the forest when they finally came across the woods on their left. They decided this would be a better entry point until they ran across 2 giant spiders. After taking some damage, they decided they had enough of spiders and went to return home where they ran into more snakes. After resting a bit back at the keep, they decided they would try the caves again, where they ran into the kobold cave. They had a chance here, but decided they'd try to scare them off and push in. They ended up getting nearly surrounded and had to run for their lives.

No one died at least, but there was some close calls, with a few people falling into the kobold's trap. Big things happened in the next session though!

Part 1
^Remember, NSFW^
Part 2

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