Sunday, March 29, 2020

Updated Outdoor Survival Map

So I have been considering running and OD&D LBB & Chainmail game recently. My thought was to experiment with the chainmail combat systems, alongside the alternative combat system, while using Outdoor Survival map and Wayne Rossi's document on the implied setting of D&D. With this in mind I've been working on modernizing the Outdoor Survival map using Campaign Cartographer. I've been releasing updates on the odd74 boards here:

Eventually my image files became too large for imgur to host, so I thought I'd pull out the old blog in hopes it could host them. Right now, I'd estimate I'm halfway done, but I'm sure some things will come up and surprise me and I'll only really be like 10%. So here is my current progress:

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  1. I am so into this and can't wait to see more! I only use the Outdoor Survival map for wilderness in my OSE games; it's perfect in every way.