Saturday, February 13, 2016

Basic Fantasy Wilderlands Campaign. Session 6

The party met back up after they spent a week resting so Braignir could recover. The party spent much time writing in their journals (which you can read at: Once they were done resting up they found their old friend from Oakheart visiting the keep. The young magic-user who cast sleep on himself as soon as the goblins attacked somehow managed to make his way here without dying! Slightly impressed the group brought him on.

After spending a great amount of time making fun of Braignir for his busted arm, and offended Plimble Mae so she punched Markas Fletcher right in the wedding vegetables, they decided to head back to the forest to check the Hermit's home. Once there they scoured both floors of his home in the tree, and finally, hidden in the dirt and leaves of his bed found a very small chest. Plimble was quick to check it for traps, and seeing it safe decided she'd try her hand at picking it. At last she has successfully picked a lock! Careful not to open the latch they set it at the top of the stairs. Dongan decided the best course of action would be to kick it down the stairs. He lightly tapped it and watched as it bounced down like a slinky. Sadly he watched on as a potion fell out, rolled off the stairs and shattered on the ground. Their old magic-user friend, Isaac Poe scraped some of it up in a jar (mud and all) and decided maybe he was some sort of healing potion and started applying it to Braignirs arm. Braignir was quite annoyed, but let him do it in hopes that it may help afterall.

Not feeling any affects, and having spent time picking up all the gold and silver pieces that flew everywhere out of the chest, they decided they would head in the direction they heard the caves were. It wasn't long before they ran across a patrol of goblins. Both parties caught flat footed, they thought it would be a good time to try to parley. They goblins not wanted to risk their lives spoke with them. The party told them about their exploits against the hermit and the harpy. The goblins were impressed, but expressed no interest in going to the caves with them. They explained their home used to be in the caves, but they were run out. They spoke of the other goblin clans, and the attack on Oakheart was discussed, but noone pressed it farther. The party got some directions towards the caves and went on their way.

Continuing their travels they were at the top of the hill looking down upon all the caves. They decided they'd go into the closest cave and see what would happen. They were quite surprised by the black walls with red veins. How could this be in a cave such as this? It wasn't long before they approached the groans and shambling of zombies. Unsure of what they came across they decided to spread out wide to keep the zombies from getting to the thief and magic-user. The zombies shambled in, attacking with all their strength, injuring Eldor and Markas quite badly. Isaac went to the cave entrance to watch for any other attackers. In the end the party won against the zombies and escaped alive. Before leaving they took the amulets off the zombies and Isaac tried one on. Markas immediately shouted for him to remove it telling him it was evil.

They decided to head back towards the road near Oakheart where they had originally seen this area. They sneaked off, trying to avoid any of the other cave mouths and continued down towards the keep. They ran across some merchants who waved, but they were mostly worried getting back to town. Once back Isaac took the amulets to the temple of Thor. The priests there were rather upset that he would bring something like that into their temple, but explained it was a symbol of Orcus.

You can watch it all here! NSFW

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