Friday, February 12, 2016

Star Wars d6 REUP Campaign Session 1

It has finally happened. After playing our one-shot of Star Wars d6 REUP, we started a campaign. We had our first session last week, and our second will be tonight! We were originally going to make our own templates from scratch, but most of the players still don't quite know the rules enough to do so, instead mostly relying on Norrible and I to guide them through it, so we started with templates again.

We started out in Tatooine, in the city of Mos Shuuta. I made a smuggler named Rijl Solarblast. I was lucky enough to start out with a ship, but am in debt 25000 credits to the Black Sun. I started in a cantina where I was approached by a distraught woman looking to have her mother rescued. Apparently sand people have strangely started kidnapping villagers. She didn't have much money to pay, but she agreed if I helped that she would help find some people to help repair my ship so I could get off this planet. I calmed her down and agreed to help. When leaving the cantina some ruffians from the Black Sun found me and shoved me up against the wall asking for payment. I tried to explain that my last run was to a planet that when I came out of hyperdrive was nowhere there. Nothing its sector was even there. I assumed it was from what we had all heard of the rumored "Star Killer Base." They told me my next payment was in a week for 1200 credits, smashed me against the wall and walked off as another man came up asking if anything was wrong. As they shrugged them off they made a rude comment to me. I looked at the other man who looked like he wasn't going to take any nonsense from them either, we both drew our blasters and blasted the two men. My shot hit one of their jetpacks, he flew into the ceiling and was knocked out. Next I knew some young kid was coming out from the bar with his droid in joining in taking shots on the men. I managed to get another lucky shot and blew the other guys helmet. The kid came up to us, and I thanked him for his help. After getting to know everyone and seeing they were good in a fight, I told them of the mission I was just asked to do and asked if they'd join. I'd gladly help take them off Tatooine once my ship was gone if they helped. Soon we saw some storm troopers approaching so we quickly shuffled off to the bounty office.

Once there we were met with a man who looked like some sort of diplomat. He had apparently crossed some bad people and was looking off the planet. Again I told him of my circumstances. He didn't look like he'd be much good in a fight, but he might have the connections to help grease some palms on the way. He offered 5000 credits to get him out of here. We talked to one of the bounty officers, and he just shook his head. Apparently there have been lots of reports of kidnappings, but no one has been successful yet. We told him we were up for anything, and he told us he'd give us 100 credits for every Gaffi Stick we brought back. Lord Rorikon (the diplomat) tried to haggle the price up, but the bounty officer wouldn't budge. I started to question his skills, but needed the 5000 credits. The bounty officer told us they would shuttle out to the sand people camp, but we'd have to find our way back somehow. We agreed and went out there.

Once there, the speeder sped off, wanting no part in what would go down here. I was impressed as the kid (d'Aragnan Fletcher) and the guy who helped me (Ted Bundy) crept towards 2 of the guards we saw. Ted eventually tripped over something and alerted the guards. They ran out to see what was happening, but the kid and I were quick in disposing of the 2 guards. Once everything seemed clear we all made our way to the entrance. At this point Lord Rorikon was quite amazed by the Banthas and decided to mess with them. They nearly murdered him before we got him out of there. We knew we'd have a hard fight going into their base to save the villagers. We had no time for this.

Upon entering, Ted and I took point and crept down the hallways. We came to a T-intersection, where 2 hallways were separated by a thin wall. Ted crept down the first one, and I went around the 2nd, where I was met with quite a few sand people. They knew we were there and immediately began their attack. Luckily Ted and I had cover, Lord Rorikon hid, and d'Artagnan was trying his hardest to get into battle. The Sand People had quite poor tactics, and just ran into the blaster shots. I managed to shoot through one and kill another in 1 shot! It wasn't long though before we were clear of any immediate threat and could push on. We made the foolish decision to split up, as we thought the hallways would reconnect. Ted pushed on alone, and the kid and diplomat backed me up. It wasn't long before Ted ran across some more storm troopers. We heard him on the communicator, and pushed for our closest door in hopes of flanking the enemy. We were saddened to just find ourselves in some kind of labyrinth. We ended back tracking back to Ted, who was getting pinned down pretty hard, and helped him clear out the sand people.

From there we pushed on through where we found ourselves in trouble. Ted was wounded from that fight where we were separated, but he was still mostly useful. We eventually came across the chapel the Sand People were worshiping in and had a massive battle. The diplomat and kid both got quite injured, but managed to crawl away enough to survive. It was up to the ruffian Ted and I to tactically outsmart the Sand People. We both flanked around when the diplomat was pinned down and wounded, and manged to take out a couple of sand people in from the back. Issue was, we ran across more in the process. Luckily Ted and I had the firepower to take them out. After quite a long fight, we made it through. Somehow I was still mostly unscratched, only having one shot graze my hear, but the rest of the group was quite injured. I was impressed by the kid and the ruffians diligence and strength under pressure. The diplomat did about as well as I had expected. If he is able to come through on some other matters, we may be a crack team yet!

Once we had rested up, we heard the screaming of people. Not the warcry of sand people but of humans! Immediately I rushed up and found their cage. I took one of the Gaffi Sticks and bashed the locks. I shared some of the wamp rat meat I had taken from the Sand People with the villagers. I took Shari's mom into my arms and told her that her daughter had sent us for her and explained that she was ok. When we arrived back, I made sure to personally return Shari's mother to her while the others got treatment and rested up. I sure hope there is no delay in getting my ship fixed!

So in the end, we really had a great time! Norrible still has to work on his pacing a little, but he is picking up GMing really quick. He's always asking questions throughout the week on what I think and for feedback. He is doing a great job and I'm looking forward to more! I can tell the group get's a little tired as we've been doing longer sessions for these. Once Norrible gets used to the pacing all should be well!

You can watch our sessions here:
Remember these are NSFW
Part 1:
Part 2

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